Year: 2016

Client: UPnRIDE Robotics Ltd.

UPnRIDE is a wheeled robotic device, providing upright and seated mobility both for wheelchair users, and for anyone who is unable to, or has difficulty standing or walking.

UPnRIDE offers numerous medical, psychological, and economic benefits, ensuring safety while standing, sitting, and shifting between positions, in practically any urban environment.

The UPnRIDE team’s vast experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing medical and rehabilitation devices is demonstrated through its previous achievement – the ReWalk™ exoskeleton.

The design of the UPnRIDE 1.0 is a result of a close collaboration between UPnRIDE engineering team and Bakery Studio. The studio was involved in the project from the early stages of the mechanical engineering in order to design not only the outer shell of the product but also the engineering element which influence it.

The concept of the design was to use the chassis of the product, as the leading element in the design language. The reason for this was the desire to keep the use of plastic coverings to a minimum both for functional and aesthetic reasons. As a result the chassis takes the role of covering certain mechanical elements and is a prominent element of the product resulting in an iconic, reliable, robust and hi-end product aesthetic.